Krabi is where you could enjoy both view of Thailand's landscape: from forest to the beach. It's lying on southern of Thailand’s west coast, famous with more than a hundred offshore islands: the Phi Phi Island, Railay Beach...

Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Krabi 150 USD
Krabi - Chiang Mai 150 USD


Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Bangkok - Krabi 90 USD*
Krabi - Bangkok 90 USD*

* 30 days advance purchase required.

Route One way
Samui - Krabi 150 USD
Krabi - Samui 150 USD
Route Round Trip
Currency : INR
Mumbai-Bangkok-Krabi 240 USD
Route Round Trip
Currency : USD
Phnom Penh-Bangkok-Krabi 230 USD

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